The phySystem distribution

Getting started

The phySystem distribution is the base edition for the phy GNU/Linux operating system. With a phySystem you get a console based, basic GNU/Linux system. This is not, however, a minimalistic system. All the necessary tools for compiling from source code or installing from binaries are always available.

The phySystem is built by stacking the phyglos-core, phyglos-security and phyglos-deck bundles from the phyglos Catalog. This process is done using the BANDIT toolkit.

How to use

Read The phySystem Raiser’s Handbook to learn how to use the BANDIT toolkit along with the phyglos Catalog to build and/or install a new phySystem starting out from another Linux system.

Or, if you have the Docker engine installed, just pull the prebuilt phySystem docker images from the Docker Hub.

Getting updated

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