The phyglos-kernel bundle


The phyglos-kernel bundle builds and installs the Linux kernel in the system and saves a copy on the .config file used.

The kernel needs to be configured, before being actually built, for the specific hardware configuration, either physical or virtual, of the final system. A number of predefined, generic .config files for the Linux kernel are provided for convenience via the linux-configs package.

The kernel is installed in the directory /boot, along with a copy of the configuration file used and the kernel symbols table file A copy of the previous .config file is saved with the extension .config.last.


Bundle variables

BUNDLE_SOURCES: This bundle uses the common phyglos group of source packages.

BUNDLE_UPDATE_SYSTEM_DB: This bundles does not update system databases when raised. Set to “no” to save some time after installation.

BUNDLE_KEEP_LA: This bundle does not need to keep the .la files. The value of this variable is inherited from bandit.conf unless specifically set in this file.

Kernel configuration

PHY_KERNEL_VER: Set the release number of the kernel, e.g. “4.14”

PHY_KERNEL_ARCH: Set the processor architecture for which the kernel is built, e.g. “x86_64”

PHY_KERNEL_HW: Set the name of the preconfigured .config file to use in the configuration of the kernel build.

These variables combined together will determine the final name of the kernel image to be raised: vmlinuz-${PHY_KERNEL_VER}-${PHY_KERNEL_ARCH}-${PHY_KERNEL_HW}

Save the linux kernel build tree

PHY_KERNEL_KEEP_BUILD: Set the variable to yes to save the copy of the kernel build tree, in the /lib/modules directory, as it is after compiling the kernel. This option is needed for later building of kernel modules.

Save the linux kernel source tree

PHY_KERNEL_KEEP_SOURCES: Set the variable to yes to save a clean copy of the kernel sources, in the /lib/modules directory, as it was before compiling the kernel. This option is needed for other packages to find clean kernel headers for this release (different from the system’s libc headers).