The phyglos-builder bundle


The phyglos-builder bundle is used to create the BUILDER system from a HOST system. It is the first bundle raised when creating a new phySystem (and the only one actually modifying the own HOST filesystem).

This bundle creates a BUILDER system, a minimal filesystem at BANDIT_BUILDER_DIR location and compiles, using the HOST compiler, the minimum number of tools necessary to raise the final TARGET system.

This BUILDER system is created before raising the final TARGET system so a new, clean toolset independent from the HOST system tools is available. However, it is not a true crosscompiling system, but the compilation process simulates a new architecture, different from the HOST’s one, in order to create a new, clean compiler independent from the HOST’s one. This new compiler and the rest of the tools created with this bundle will be used later to raise the final TARGET system.


Bundle variables

BUNDLE_SOURCES: This bundle uses the common phyglos group of source packages.

BUNDLE_KEEP_LA: This bundle needs to keep the .la files, so leave the BUNDLE_KEEP_LA variable set to yes.

C++ default ABI

PHY_DEFAULT_LIBSTDCXX_ABI: When using a compiler older than GCC 5.1 it may be necessary to set the default ABI for stdlibc++ to C++98 instead of C++11. See [GCC - Using dual ABI] for details. Leave this value unchanged if unsure.


This variable was used in versions v1.x, but it is no longer needed for v2.x.