The phyglos-core bundle


The phyglos-core bundle creates a minimal system with enough functionality to be able to raise further functionality for the new system. The phyglos-core bundle provides the basic funcionality of a working system.

New toolchain

First a new toolchain is compiled using the tools created in the BUILDER system. This includes a standard C library, the GCC C/C++ compiler, the GNU binutils, etc.

Basic commnands

Then a number of basic Linux commands are compiled, sufficient enought to have a working system capable of using the BANDIT toolkit to build and install more bundles.

After this bundle is raised the system can be entered as a chroot jail but still lacks of a kernel or even a bootloader.


Bundle variables

BUNDLE_SOURCES: This bundle uses the common phyglos group of source packages.

BUNDLE_KEEP_LA: This bundle needs to keep the .la files, so leave the BUNDLE_KEEP_LA variable set to yes.


These variables determine the name and literals of the distribution shown when booting the new phyglos machine. They can be changed to customize the final system, but do not change the value of PHY_LSB_VERSION

Clock and Time Zone

These variables control the clock of the system and the initial time zone.


Change these variables to customize the font, keymap, mouse, etc for the console.


This variable contains a list of locales that initially will be built in the new system. The first value in the list will become the default locale when using the new system.


Use these variables to configure the network and host information.