The phyglos-deck bundle


The phyglos-deck bundle is installed to raise the level of functionality of the new system further than a very simple, minimal operating system. After the phyglos-deck bundle is installed the common, expected commands of a console-based GNU/Linux system should be available.

Additional functionality

The main new functionality consists of:

  • libraries for internationalization, images, etc.

  • additional Perl 5 modules

  • the scripting language Python 2

  • a system database SQLite

  • the text editor Nano

  • the file manager Midnight Commander

  • the internet text browser Links

Basic services

Also some basic services are installed:

  • the Network time protocol

  • the command scheduler Fcron

  • the log rotation service Logrotate


Bundle variables

BUNDLE_SOURCES: This bundle uses the common phyglos group of source packages.

BUNDLE_KEEP_LA: This bundle does not need to keep the .la files. The value of this variable is inherited from bandit.conf unless specifically set in this file.