Installation requirements

The BANDIT toolkit

The phyglos Catalog is a BANDIT catalog, thus the BANDIT toolkit has to be installed in order to install and use the catalog.

See the BANDIT documentation for details on using the BANDIT toolkit.

Runtime requirements

Root privileges

The phyglos Catalog can perform very complex tasks on the HOST system. These operations require high privileges and usually requires the BANDIT commands to be issued as the root user. The su or sudo commands are needed to perform most og the tasks.


When a TARGET system is intended to be exported as a Docker container image, the Docker runtime needs to be properly installed and running in the HOST system. Docker, however, is not a requirement to use the phyglos Catalog, besides this very specific use case.

Supported Linux distribution

When the phyglos Catalog is used to raise a new phySystem from a HOST system running an operating system different from phyglos, one of the supported Linux distributions is required.

See the BANDIT documentation for details on on using the catalog on other Linux distributions.