The virtualbox-desktop bundle


The virtualbox-desktop bundle provides the Oracle VirtualBox virtualization product.

32 bit and 64 bit products

For x86 systems, this bundle installs the older 32 bits version (v5.x) of the product.

For x86_64 system, the bundle installs the latest 64 bits version (v6.x). To install, instead, the older version (5.x) for x86_64 systems, use the configuration variable PHY_VBOX64.


Bundle variables

BUNDLE_BUILDS: This bundle uses the oracle directory to find the origins from where to get the binaries to install.

PHY_VBOX64: Select which version install for x86_64 systems. Set to 5.x to install the older Virtualbox version 5.x, or set to new to install the newest release available.