The flash-player-desktop-npapi bundle


The flash-player-desktop-npapi bundle provides the Adobe Flash Player binaries in their NPAPI variant.


This bundle does not download any files from the origin. Download the package from the vendor website and save it in the $BANDIT_DOWNLOADS directory.

The bundle installs the library in the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory for Firefox to use it.


Currently, this bundle only supports the Firefox browser. Future versions may support other Internet browsers.


Bundle variables

BUNDLE_SOURCES: This bundle uses the adobe directory to find the origins from where to get the binaries to install.

Known issues

Restart the browser

If the browser is in use while installing the plugin, this last version of the player will not enter into use for the already opened or even new browser tabs. Quit all the browser tabs and restart the browser again to effectively load the new plugin.