Using the catalog

Use the BANDIT as usual

The aliens catalog is a BANDIT catalog and all the functionality of the toolkit is available to manage the bundles defined, except the capability to compile from source code.

Alien packages downloads

End user licences

Some products installed with the help of the aliens catalog require a manual acceptance of their licenses and terms by the end user before the actual installation. The BANDIT only helps in automating the installation procedure but cannot accept these licenses for the end user.

Download the files

If you try to install these bundles, an error will occur because the package cannot downloaded by the BANDIT not it can be found in the local filesystem:

# bandit java-se-jdk-8 download
Working with catalog: aliens-latest
Working with repository:

jdk1.8.0_202 [Fri Mar 15 09:45:54 CET 2019]
...fetching jdk-8u202-linux-x64.tar.gz from local filesystem...
file:/var/tmp/oracle/jdk-8u202-linux-x64.tar.gz not found in filesystem

For these packages you must manually download the binary package and place it in a specific directory, probably after your manual acceptance of the license and terms of use at the vendor website. The default directory for downloading these packages is defined in the BANDIT_DOWNLOADS variable in the bandit.conf file.