Installing the catalog

Enabling the catalog

The aliens Catalog is provided in the repository but it is not enabled by default for the BANDIT.

The BANDIT default configuration already points to two repositories: the localhost repository and the repository, therefore in order to use the aliens Catalog the bandit.conf file has to be updated to enable the aliens catalog.

Update the repository list

To enable the catalog, edit the BANDIT main configuration:

$ bandit edit

and add the catalog in the list of enabled catalogs:

## Enabled catalogs

Check the repositories and catalogs

After enabling the catalog, you can check its availabiity with the bandit search command:

$ bandit search -rc all

Repositories (enabled):
Repositories (available):
Catalogs (enabled):
Catalogs (available):

Update the repository manifest

In order to use the latest release of the catalog, update first the repository manifest:

$ bandit -r update

...fetching repository manifest from mirror

Update the phyglos catalog

Once the repository manifest is updated, the catalog can be downloaded and installed with the bandit -c <catalog> commands:

$ bandit -c aliens-latest download
$ bandit -c aliens-latest install


The specific release of the catalog neeeds to be provided if the catalog is distributed in a versioned way.

Updating the catalog

In order to update a catalog, a new release has to be downloaded from the repository. Update the repository manifest before attempting to update the catalog and then download the new release. This can be achieved with a single command, instructing the BANDIT to update the catalogs when a repository is updated:

$ bandit -r update --all

...fetching repository manifest from mirror
...fetching catalog phyglos-latest from mirror
...installing repository manifest...
...fetching catalog phyglos-latest from catalogs cache ...
...fetching catalog aliens-latest from catalogs cache ...


Updating the catalog can clobber any changes made to the configuration files of the bundles in that catalog. Always copy a bundle to the localhost catalog in order to customize any bundle from a distributed catalog.

Removing the catalog

A catalog can be removed with the bandit -c <catalog> remove command:

$ bandit -c aliens-latest remove