The linux-configs Collection

Getting started

The linux-configs Collection is a set of Kconfig configuration files for the Linux kernel. This collection tracks the stable and longterm releases of the Linux kernel from the Linux Kernel Archives.

The collection contains Kconfig files that have been preconfigured in order to be used, with different architectures and with certain hardware requirements, when a new Linux kernel is built, either manually or automatically using tools like the BANDIT.

How to use

This collection is originally designed to work with the BANDIT toolkit and the phyglos-kernel bundle. In this scenario everything is handled by the BANDIT; only the desired kernel version has to be selected in the phyglos-kernel bundle configuration file.

Nonetheless, the Kconfig files included in this collection can be used as independent configuration files when manually building a new Linux kernel. In order to use these files manually just download the desired configuration file from the GitHub repository or download and uncompress the whole package from the FTP site and rename and copy the needed file as .config into the kernel source tree.


The linux-config collection is in DEVELOPMENT status. This means that the structure of the repository and some other elements like naming conventions, etc. can still suffer some changes.

The released packages, however, are already in regular use in the phyglos-kernel bundle in the phyglos catalog for the phy GNU/Linux operating system. Also, the individual KConfig files in the collection can be used as a starting point when manually building a new Linux kernel for a given configuration.

Getting updated

Follow updates and other news on @phyglos at Twitter

Follow releases and development on phyglos at GitHub


For version 1 of the linux-configs collection, the main goals are to:

  • support the x86_64 as well as the x86 architectures.

  • provide a simple (but not minimal) generic configuration file capable of:
    • booting a physical PC with main, common use peripherals.

    • supporting the execution of the Docker containers engine.

  • provide a preconfigured file capable of booting Oracle VirtualBox virtual machines.

  • provide a preconfigured file capable of booting VMware Workstation/Player virtual machines.

Future versions of the linux-configs collection could consider:

  • supporting an initramfs file to enhance boot options

  • supporting other processor architectures.

  • supporting other container technologies, like LXC/LXD.

  • including GNU Linux Libre variant or similar derivatives from the vanilla source.

  • adding some variant of hardened source tree.