The bandit edit command

bandit edit commands

bandit edit

The bandit edit action launches the system default editor in order to modify the configuration file bandit.conf for the active BANDIT.


To modify the configuration of another copy of the BANDIT in the same system using this command you need to select that copy before, as this command acts on the active copy. However, you can simply edit the corresponding .conf file with a text editor at any moment.


$ bandit edit

This command opens the editor in order to make changes to the BANDIT configuration. After saving the file, the new configurations are ready for the BANDIT.

The command edit uses the variable $EDITOR to determine which system editor use to modify the file bandit.conf. When this variable is not set, the default editor is vi. Also, the variable $EDITOR can be set in the command line:

# EDITOR=emacs bandit edit