BANDIT as a distro builder

Using BANDIT to raise a new system

A new TARGET system can be raised from an existing HOST system in a free partition (on any internal or external disk) or in some directory (to be exported later as a container image). This HOST system can be either an existing phySystem or another supported GNU/Linux distribution.

The HOST system has first to be prepared to allocate disk space for the TARGET system. Also this HOST system needs to meet the software building requirements before starting the raising process. Then, the new system can be either raised from source code packages or installed from precompiled binaries.


Raising a new system requires the combination of the BANDIT toolkit and a proper BANDIT catalog with the correct instructions. For a detailed procedure on raising a new phySystem using the BANDIT along with the phyglos Catalog, see <>

Installing BANDIT in a HOST system

When the HOST system is an actual phySystem, BANDIT is already installed. Nonetheless, a new, additional copy of BANDIT can be installed for the purpose of raising the new phySystem starting out from a clean (or a newer) version of the BANDIT.

When the HOST system is not a phySystem but a supported Linux distribution, BANDIT has to be installed first in order to create the new TARGET system. This HOST system can be any supported Linux distribution than can run GNU Bash and meets the building requirements.

Using BANDIT in the HOST system

Once BANDIT is installed in the HOST system, usually in the directory /opt/bandit and the file bandit.conf is configured, a build process for the a temporary BUILDER system is started, where a set of crosstools are installed to build later the final TARGET system. The BANDIT also copies itself into this BUILDER/TARGET systems to be accessible when entering them from the HOST system.

Using BANDIT in the BUILDER system

Once this new BUILDER system is raised, it can be entered (i.e. chrooted into) from the HOST system in order to use the copy of BANDIT there installed. This BUILDER system is then used to raise the final TARGET system now from this clean, independent environment isolated from the initial HOST system.

Using BANDIT in the TARGET system

The TARGET system, once raised, can now be entered from the HOST system and used without need to be booted. The copy of the BANDIT installed there can be used now to raise further new functionality and make the new system bootable and install additional functionality.