The aliens Catalog

Getting started

The aliens Catalog is a BANDIT catalog that contains applications in binary form with no open source code included. These can be third party applications in closed source form or open source projects delivered as binaries from upstream.


To build your own binaries from open source code for some of these bundles, see the phyglos catalog.

How to use

The catalog is used with the help of the BANDIT toolkit. The BANDIT can install the catalog itself and add or remove the bundles in the catalog.

See the BANDIT documentation to learn how to install and use the BANDIT toolkit and how ot add and remove software from your system.

Once BANDIT is available and ready in the system, edit the configuration file:

# bandit edit

and check that the aliens catalog is enabled in the BANDIT catalog list:

## Enabled catalogs

To install the aliens catalog from the repository, run:

# bandit -r update --all

Now that the catalog is ready, to raise a given bundle, just use the raise command from BANDIT on the desired bundle, e.g.:

# bandit corretto-11 raise


The aliens Catalog is in STABLE status.

The catalog works on the phyglos distribution where BANDIT acts as the package manager. On other distributions, the bundles in the catalog that are self-contained can be installed and run provided that all the external dependencies are met.

Getting updated

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For version 1 of the aliens catalog, the main goals are:

  • to move third party bundles from the phyglos catalog to the aliens catalog